RTI Strategy

Coordination of Research, Technology and Innovation policies within the RTI Strategy

On 8 March 2011, the Austrian Federal Government launched its Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation (RTI) for the next decade.

According to its dictum "Realizing potentials, increasing dynamics, creating the future: becoming an innovation leader”, the strategy addresses measures to strengthen national research structures with a focus on excellence, to foster the innovative capacity of companies, allow for thematic priority setting, raise the efficiency of governance, and linking research, technology and innovation to the education system. The strategy should also help to mobilize research, technology and innovation for the grand challenges of society and the economy.

The Federal Government’s RTI Strategy has been the result of a multi-layer process, starting with a nationwide stakeholder consultation (Austrian Research Dialogue), followed by a thorough evaluation of the research funding system (Systems Evaluation), and a final drafting process involving government experts from six ministries.

Task Force RTI

In order to effectively coordinate and combine the different efforts and policies of the various federal ministries in the field of RTI, a high level Task Force has been established.

It constitutes an inter-ministerial body responsible for

  • supporting, substantiating and coordinating the implementation of the new RTI strategy;
  • the strategic and system-oriented articulation and coordination of individual ministries’ activities;
  • dealing with the recommendations of the Council for Research and Technology Development.

The Task Force RTI is presided by the Federal Chancellery (Department IV, coordination).


RTI Strategy (PDF, 8 MB)


Departement IV/7
Email: iv7@bka.gv.at

Further information

Further information on the RTI Strategy and the Task Force RTI is available in German: Forschungskoordination – FTI.