Youth research

Youth research is an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of young people, which combines different methodologies with various emphases. Therefore youth research relates to different fields of research such as education, youth work, social services, the labour market, transitions, health and wellbeing or justice.  

Youth policy can only offer convincing solutions when it is well acquainted with the reality of young people. It is therefore supported by continuously updated analyses. Research work serves as a basis for the development of a varied and open youth policy, which recognises and attempts to deal with the challenges of a world which is becoming ever more complex.

Report on the situation of Youth in Austria

On the basis of a resolution passed by Parliament on 28 September 1988, the (then) Minister of the Environment, Youth and Family Affairs, was requested to "ensure that research work on the situation of young people in Austria is consistently continued" and that "an up-to-date report on the situation of young people in Austria is presented to Parliament during every parliamentary term".

Former Youth Reports

  • The 7th Report on the Situation of Youth in Austria (2016) is divided into three sections. Section A combines statistical data to give an overview of relevant areas for young people in Austria (e.g. education, migration, labour market, social inclusion). Special emphasis was put on health of young people. Within section B, a "better-life-index youth" was developed together with young people. First, young people - as experts for their lives - could define "better life" in their understanding. The results of an online survey, online discussions, as well as focus groups with different groups of young people with fewer opportunities and focus groups with practitioners were the basis for reanalysing existing data. Section C outlines youth policy as a cross-sectoral issue. Along the three strategic framework objectives of the "Austrian Youth Strategy", the report illustrates measures on national and regional level exemplarily. All federal ministries and provincial youth departments, as well as relevant stakeholders and partners made their contribution to this report.
  • The 6th Report on the Situation of Youth in Austria (2011) presents a comprehensive perspective of the processes and demands of growing up in Austrian society.
    Section A of the 6th Report on the Situation of Youth includes scientific expertise that analyse the living conditions of young people and draw conclusions for responsible youth politics. Based on their experience and their knowhow in the specific areas, practitioners describe the situation of youth work in Austria and evaluate the chances and perspectives for development resulting from them for young people in Section B. This section clarifies what is already effective for – and with – today’s youth, how this has been achieved, what has become political reality for young people and where there is still a need for action in order to make the most positive use of the dormant potential for development for the benefit of Austria and the young people themselves.
  • The 5th Report on the Situation of Youth in Austria is concerned itself with the topics of "Gender mainstreaming and gender-sensitive youth work in Austria". The report was presented in summer 2007.
  • The Parliament was informed about the 4th youth report in November 2003.  As part of this youth report, young Austrians were asked in a representative survey about the most important features of their life situations, but also about their general attitudes. A second part of the report deals with the topic of prevention in youth work outside schools.
  • The 3rd Report on the Situation of Young People in Austria (1999) mainly dealt with three focuses: the leisure-time situation of Austrian young people, quality assurance and self-evaluation in youth work and a portrayal of participation opportunities in the youth sector.
  • The 2nd report was published in 1993 and contains analyses of the life situation of young people in Austria.
  • The 1st report was published in 1987 with the title "Beautiful Bird of Youth” and contains analyses of the life situation of young people in Austria.

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