OECD Depository Library

The Administrative Library serves as the depository library of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Its online library service, known as the OECD iLibrary, allows users to consult all its studies and statistical data. Direct access to the online library provides an overview on the OECD's publications. The individual publications in the library can be searched by topic and country, and are available to read online free of charge. The "buy this book" feature allows you to order publications in hard-copy format or as a PDF file. The iLibrary can be freely accessed by Federal Chancellery employees within the Chancellery's IP range.

The Administrative Library also works closely with the OECD Centre Berlin, which represents the OECD in the German-speaking world. The Centre also functions as a service centre and serves as a link between the OECD's headquarters in Paris and its partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The OCED's page for Austria provides relevant information on a range of issues as well as access to statistical data and the latest publications.


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