The Austrian Integration Fund

Objectives and Tasks

The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) aims at providing language, professional and social integration of asylum beneficiaries and migrants on the basis of their respective rights and obligations in Austria. At the same time, ÖIF provides factual and background information to the majority population on this subject, since successful integration can only be achieved through common efforts.

The Integration Centres of ÖIF

The integration centres of ÖIF in Vienna, Upper Austria, Tyrol, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg, Lower Austria, Vorarlberg and Burgenland provide services all over Austria.


  • Counselling of new immigrants
  • Organising workshops for new immigrants and authorities
  • Counselling with issues related to integration, in particular in the areas language, education and employment
  • Language Courses
  • Values and Orientation Courses
  • Networking with key players on all levels of responsibility
  • Project implementation (e.g. mentoring for migrants)
  • Funding programs, Scholarships and Awards
  • Factual and background information on integration and migration
  • Contact persons on site on the subjects Integration Agreement and European Funds

More information

Individual Support Services

To facilitate the integration process, ÖIF offers starting aid for integration in the form of financial support in the areas language, education and employment. This includes financing German language classes (literacy, various levels), supporting professional training and further education (for example fork lift driving licence), recognition of qualifications or sponsoring school activities (tutoring, etc.).

Information on financial support (in German)

Dissemination of Knowledge

The host society is an important target group for the Austrian Integration Fund, since integration can only be achieved if migrants and the majority population contribute their proper share.

Further education: Seminar "Intercultural Conflict Management" and university course for Migration Management

In addition, by providing scholarships for diploma and master dissertations on the topics integration and migration, ÖIF provides support for the scholarly debate regarding these key social issues. ÖIF has been involved at the European Forum Alpbach since 2013, and provides grants to migrants for participating in this international event.

Publications issued by the ÖIF