Austrian National Youth Council

The Federal Youth Representation Act (Bundes-Jugendvertretungsgesetz), which redefined youth co-determination at federal level, came into force on 1 January 2001.

The Austrian National Youth Council (Bundes-Jugendvertretung - BJV) is the body which legally represents young people in Austria and comprises Austrian children's and youth organisations, which have very varied goals and ideological backgrounds. The member organisations range from those based in political parties and churches to representatives of open youth work and ethnic groups and minorities and also include the provincial youth advisory committees. This diversity guarantees that the interests of young people are represented on a very broad basis.

The Austrian National Youth Council is, as the legal representative of Austrian young people, empowered to have a say in all important political decisions. It has the same status as the other legal representational groups such as those of employees, traders, farmers or senior citizens.

The constituent meeting of the National Youth Council's committee took place on 10th December 2001.

Infosheet Austrian National Youth Council (PDF, 80 KB)

Further information about the National Youth Council, its activities and the member organisations can be found on the website of the Austrian National Youth Council.


Austrian National Youth Council (BJV)
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Austrian National Youth Council (BJV)