Committees and Advisory Boards

Civil service committees and specialist advisory committees and boards with offices in the Federal Chancellery

Disciplinary Board at the Federal Chancellery

Under the Civil Servants Employment Act of 1979, civil servants who breach their professional obligations must face the Disciplinary Board. The Board is both independent and autonomous. The Disciplinary Board makes its decisions in panels. More details can be found in the Disciplinary Board allocation of responsibilities at the Federal Chancellery (below).

More information is available in German: Disziplinarkommission beim Bundeskanzleramt.

Bioethics Commission

The Bioethics Commission was established at the Federal Chancellery in 2001. The task of the Bioethics Commission is to advise the Federal Chancellor from an ethical point of view on all social, natural scientific and legal issues arising from the scientific developments in human medicine and human biology.

Further information: Bioethics Commission.