Office of Religious Affairs

Responsibilities of the supreme authority of religious affairs for the implementation of state regulations concerning religions

As the supreme authority of religious affairs, the Office of Religious Affairs is responsible for implementing state regulations concerning religions. These include, in particular, decisions on applications to register religious denominations and the recognition of churches and religious communities, to the effect that these then possess the status of a public body. These decisions are made while preserving the fundamental religious/ideological neutrality of the state (rejecting the system of a legally preferred "state church").

The Office of Religious Affairs plays an informative and advisory role when other ministries, governments of the lander, courts, authorities and governmental offices come into contact with religious communities when implementing their regulations or when religious/ideological concerns of citizens are involved.

These activities are of particular importance in the system of cooperation that prevails in Austria (e.g. compulsory religious education in state schools) between the state, churches and religious communities, which exists alongside all due organizational separation and fundamental neutrality of the state.


Office of Religious Affairs
Ballhausplatz 2, 1010 Vienna

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Further information is available in German: Kultusamt.