Youth Information

Information is an essential part of a complex and rapidly developing society. Young people need information in order to be able to get to know the possibilities available to them and to be able to make conscious decisions. By means of suitable measures, already available structures, channels and information in Austria are being extended in order to achieve an improvement in quality.

In agreement with the White Paper on Youth, the activities, which correspond to the needs of young people, are based on the following principles:

  • Explicit recognition of a real need for information
  • Equal access to information
  • Free access to all practical information
  • Proximity, flexibility and communication with personal advice
  • In harmony with high ethical standards
  • Involvement of young people in the design, the introduction and/or also in the development of the means of communication intended for them.

Youth Information Centres

Youth Information Centres offer young people a first point of contact for all their questions. 28 Youth Information Centres and Points all over Austria guarantee young people aged between 12 and 26 a nationwide service. Of course the centres are open as well to parents and other family members, teachers, youth workers and anybody interested in youth-related topics.

The National Network of Austrian Youth Information Centres (Bundesnetzwerk Österreichische Jugendinfos) is the national umbrella organisation of the Austrian Youth Information Centres.

Infosheet youth information (PDF, 86 KB)

More Information at the Website of the National Network

Austrian Youth Portal

The online Youth Portal serves as "signpost" for the wide variety of institutions, websites and other services in Austria and Europe and is therefore the national equivalent of the European Commission's European youth portal.

The Austrian Youth Portal is commissioned and financed by the Federal Chancellery and maintained by the National Network of Austrian Youth Information Centres.



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