Divorce and Separation

Sometimes, separation is inevitable but still, one can look for common solutions for the time that follows.


The Federal Chancellery - Division Family and youth subsidise family mediation to help families reach agreement on:

  • issues related to separation or divorce
  • property division
  • custody
  • child support
  • child visitation rights

Mediation is conducted by 2 mediators, one with psychosocial training (social worker, therapist, etc.) and the other with legal training (lawyer, judge, etc.). Along with their actual professional training, the mediators have also completed special mediation training. Mediation is fee-based but the scale is staggered according to family income and the number of children to whom a child support obligation exists.

You can find a list of mediators and further information on mediation on the Internet www.trennungundscheidung.at or by calling the Family Service for free on 0800 240 262.

Counselling of parents prior to an amicable divorce

There is an extensive choice of suitable counsellors available for the obligatory counselling of parents prior to an amicable divorce. For more detailed information, please visit

Supporting parents and children through divorce or separation

The Federal Chancellery - Division Family and Youth subsidises non-profits that provide therapeutic and educational children´s groups or one-on-one work with children, as well as counselling for couples, individuals and individual parents.

Further Information