Parental Education

Parental education is a valuable measure to support mothers and fathers in the everyday upbringing of their children.

Parental education supports mothers and fathers in the everyday upbringing of their children. In parental education seminars, mothers and fathers can acquire knowledge about the respective development phase of their child or teenager, they can further develop their own partnership and strengthen the ability to talk to each other and they get to know and try out different ways of solving conflicts. Additionally, they become aware of their own strengths in their role as father/mother and further develop their personal style of upbringing, they learn to recognise possible problems early in order to be able to take advantage of suitable help and they inform themselves about the focuses within different phases of life.

Parental education is organised by various bodies, particularly non-profit organisations. Educational institutions, parent-child centres, family organisations, public providers and a multitude of private initiatives in the whole of the country offer series of events or individual events – in the evenings, during the daytime, at weekends as well as during the week.

The Federal Chancellery Division Family and Youth subsidises high-quality parental education projects to increase the amount of affordable parental education on offer.

To make it possible to fulfil the often very different needs and approaches to education which different mothers and fathers might have, the Federal Chancellery Division Family and Youth publishes information for parents on violence-free upbringing both in printed (brochure “ElternTipps” – only available in German) and digital versions (website – only available in German). The aim of this information for parents is to contribute to an improvement of the quality of life and the quality of relationships between children and parents. The brochure “ElternTipps” is published corresponding to the development phases of the child and special interest issues.

The website provides information about the significance of parental education, provides monthly focuses with experts and also weekly news. Literature and link tips encourage further reading. But above all, mothers and fathers are motivated to take advantage of the large number of events on offer, which are shown in a topical event calendar.

Parent educators should be trained in both content and teaching methods according to the latest academic and scientific findings. The Federal Chancellery Division Family and Youth has commissioned experts from the field of parental education to draw up a curriculum with quality standards for parent educators´ training. A quality certificate is positive proof of the trained educators´ abilities. Once a year the Federal Chancellery Division Family and Youth organises a symposium on a relevant parental education topic to offer gratuitous further training to the parent educators.

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