ID Austria

The ID Austria is a modern, secure way of identifying yourself digitally and access digital services and conduct business via the Internet.

In order to be able to carry out digital official procedures securely and traceably, authorities must be able to establish the identity of persons (private or representing a company) who submit applications beyond doubt. This requires an electronic tool that clearly identifies the applicant: the ID Austria

On the one hand, the ID Austria can be used as an electronic ID card in online procedures for logging in, and on the other hand it can also be used to sign electronically.

In future, the ID Austria will also enable the presentation of identity documents (e.g. driving licence in conjunction with proof of citizenship for Austrians, registration certificate) in digital form. However, the familiar physical documents will of course remain valid.

The ID Austria thus represents the further development and replacement of the mobile phone signature/citizen card.

The "digital signature" offers legal security, protection against unauthorised access and unwanted changes to the content. 

Use ID Austria for the following applications (excerpt)

Electronic signature

With regard to electronic signatures, ID Austria fulfils all European requirements. The qualified signature that can be executed with ID Austria is equivalent to a handwritten signature throughout the EU (for exceptions, see Signature and Trust Services Act § 4).  This means that electronic signatures can be used anywhere in Europe.

Login functionality

The login functionality - and thus the electronic proof of the user's identity - can currently only be used for Austrian online procedures and applications. This function will be extended to electronic applications from other EU countries in the course of 2023. Austrian web applications can of course also be accessed abroad at any time and used with the ID Austria function.

ID card function of the ID Austria

ID cards such as driving licences can be presented on a smartphone using the ID Austria. This option will initially only be available in Austria. The ID Austria does not replace a travel document when crossing the border.

ID Austria for Austrian citizens abroad

As a digital service for Austrians abroad, the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs has set up registration centres for the activation of the ID Austria for Austrians abroad at certain Austrian representation authorities.

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