Youth Media and Information

It is impossible to imagine our society without the so-called new media and the "information, communication and entertainment technologies" (ICET). Especially for young people, the internet, social media and digital games have become an integral part of daily life. These media and technologies offer unimagined, fascinating possibilities that many of us would rather not do without. Mastering the associated skills is of utmost importance as a key qualification for the labour market and for development in society. In addition, there are the dangers of misuse and dependence. Furthermore, the media are often blamed for a variety of problems and undesirable developments, especially for any kind of violent behaviour by young people.

In all these discussions, it is important not to lose sight of 2 aspects:

Media consumption - not only for young people - always has an aspect of fun and entertainment. The need for "action", for relaxation, recreation and a change from everyday life is one of the main motivations for media use and consumption. Media are fun and should remain so.

However, media increasingly shape society, and media are always a mirror for social reality in all its facets. Therefore, when we talk about media, we are always also talking about society, and all the criticism and expectations we direct at the media are also directed at ourselves and our society.

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