Youthwork Children and youth work in Austria – an overview

Even today, children and youth work is largely an unknown concept to people who do not work in this field. And even among the actors themselves there are a number of definitions with some regional variances, which presents certain challenges when communicating about the overall activities, the changing demands and the services rendered by children and youth work in the 21st century.

The publication outlines children and youth work in Austria. It familiarises readers with the principles underlying children and youth work and with framework conditions, as well as presenting implementing organisations and their interface function.

Competence Framework for youth workers

The Competence Framework (only available in German and as download in English) shows how people act competently within the scope of their activities in youth work. It covers both the open youth work as well as children's and youth's associations in Austria. The competence framework helps translating youth work activities to the Austrian National Qualification Framework (NQF). The NQF makes qualifications visible and comparable by the European Qualifications Framework across Europe. For people in and outside the field, the framework makes clear what people, who are active in youth work, do and what quality standards they have. It stimulates the development of key competences which benefits children and young people and motivates the increase of quality of the range of education. People inside the working field are encouraged to networking, co-operations, development and mutual recognition of education.



Youth Policy

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