Financial Emergencies

In special emergencies families can be supported by temporary monetary transfers.

Family Hardship Compensation

Families or pregnant women may obtain one-time interim aid under this title if the following requirements are met:

  • Family allowance is received for at least one member of the family (or the case of pregnancy applies)
  • An incident which could not be prevented and involved no fault of the applicant led to a financial emergency (for example death, illness, disability, incapacity to work, accident, natural disaster). The family or expectant mother is unable to cope with the situation even if all statutory benefits and entitlements are used.
  • Interim aid can only be granted temporarily, it is not possible for the family to obtain support for ongoing living expenses.

There is no vested right to benefits from the Family Hardship Compensation Fund.

Family Hospice Leave – Hardship Fund

Employees and persons under the care of the AMS have the legal right to get released from work to accompany and care for dying relatives or chronically ill children. During this time of family hospice leave they are health- and pension-insured.

Furthermore, as long as certain conditions are met, you have the right to care leave benefits.

If the minimum income level is not reached by the family despite care leave benefits, a further supplement by the family hospice leave-hardship fund is possible.

Information on the eligibility conditions for the family hospice leave-supplement are available by phone from the Family Service number +43 800 240 262.