Extremism Information Centre

The Extremism Information Centre is the first point of contact if someone think his or her child, friend, pupil or another young person might have joined a radical religious group or an extremist political group, or that he or she might sympathise with extremist right-wing or radical Islamist ideas.

The Centre offers comprehensive counselling services for family, friends and teachers and training for communicators on the following key points:

  • Diversity – handling differences in a constructive manner
  • Religiously motivated extremism such as Islamism, Salafism, Jihadism – ideologies, terminology, symbols, groups
  • Politically motivated extremism such as right-wing extremism, National Socialism – ideologies, history, symbols, groups
  • Racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Islamism

The centre is reached personally Monday through Friday, 10 am–3 pm. It is free of charge in all of Austria. Calls are handled anonymous and confidential.

The Centre also offer support in building regional counselling and network structures.


Extremism Information Centre
Telephone: 0800 20 20 44
Website: www.beratungsstelleextremismus.at
Email: office@beratungsstelleextremismus.at