Cyber Security

National strategy for cyber security, the Cyber Security Steering Group's report on cyber security in Austria

Austrian Cyber Security Platform (CSP)

On 17 March 2015, the Cyber Security Platform (CSP) was set up with more than 100 stakeholders from business, science and administration. The CSP guarantees a periodic exchange of information on fundamental issues of cyber security, ensures the initiation of cooperation between the participating partners and forms an umbrella for existing forms of cooperation (Austrian Trust Circle, Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich Cyber Sicherheit Forum, Centre for Secure Information Technology Austria, Cyber Security Austria, etc.). In addition, the platform of Cyber Security Platform Steering Group is available to provide assistance in an advisory capacity.

The platform aims to bring together existing activities and work groups without changing their structure and composition. The primary goal here is to make activities in the field of cyber security transparent for all stakeholders and to promote the formation of synergies. This platform aims not only to support the ongoing communication with all stakeholders but also intensify the collaboration between the public and private sector.


Further information

  • Further information on cyber security is available in German: Cyber-Sicherheit.