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I am a British national living in Austria. I am planning a journey after UK's withdrawal date from the European Union. What do I need to take into account?

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, British nationals living in Austria would lose their right of residence under EU law. In this scenario, a special legal regulation will enable British nationals and their third-country family members in Austria to obtain a residence permit under the Settlement and Residence Act (Niederlassungs- und Aufenthaltsgesetz) with free access to the labour market under simplified conditions. See "Residency and access to the labour market".

If you are planning to travel after Brexit and before your residence permit is issued, you should apply for the residence permit before you travel. When applying for the residence permit the competent authority can issue a conformation about the fact that an application has been submitted and that the applicant continues to be legally resident.

This conformation also allows re-entry into Austria. Austria has notified this conformation to all other Schengen countries, so that travel via another Schengen country to Austria or travel in another Schengen country (for up to 90/180 days for tourism purposes) is also possible