Bioethics Commission

The Bioethics Commission is an advisory body to the Federal Chancellor. Its Secretariat is located at the Federal Chancellery. It supports the Commission and its members in the execution of their tasks.

The task of the Bioethics Commission is to advise the Federal Chancellor from an ethical point of view on all social, scientific and legal issues arising from scientific advances in the field of human medicine and biology. In particular, this includes:

  1. Providing information and promoting discussion within society on key findings in the fields of human medicine and biology and the related ethical issues;
  2. Submitting recommendations for practical use;
  3. Submitting suggestions concerning necessary legal measures;
  4. Preparing expert reports on particular issues.

The Commission exercises its advisory function independently.

Legal basis

The Bioethics Commission was established at the Federal Chancellery on 29 June 2001.



Bioethics Commission
1010 Vienna, Ballhausplatz 2

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