Digital Ark Austria: Preserving data for eternity


To preserve Austria’s entire digital memory for future generations.


Memory institutions and public administration should be given the opportunity to store their data in a disaster-proof location and to preserve it for the long term.

About Digital Ark Austria

Data from memory institutions such as archives, libraries and museums as well as other essential administrative data from Austrian federal agencies can be stored in Digital Ark Austria for disaster-proof safekeeping while maintaining full sovereignty.

In the event of a disaster or cyberattack, this data is stored in a protected, autonomous and resilient data centre that meets the highest security criteria. As a result, more and more national and international institutions are placing great trust in this solution.

Sovereignty The data remains the property of the institution concerned. The institution alone determines:

  • what happens to its data
  • how its data is processed
  • who can view its data
  • who can use its data.

All other technical and administrative tasks are performed by the Federal Chancellery in its role as operator, while the data remains under the sole control of the institution concerned.

Memory institutions take a range of measures to digitise their collections. This enables the Republic of Austria’s digital memory to be documented and made available for new applications (such as public and scientific use). At the same time, Austrian public administration generates essential data in order to be able to provide services to the population. Losing this data would have unforeseeable but certainly serious consequences.

Digital Ark Austria is the solution for secure long-term storage. It will initially be available to memory institutions and Austrian administrative bodies.

Digital Ark quality seal

In future, it will be possible to obtain the Digital Ark quality seal. This allows IT operators to demonstrate that Digital Ark Austria is being operated at their organisation on the basis of predefined standards. The focus here is on a suitable infrastructure, a secure location, state-of-the-art technology and appropriate professionalism.

At the same time, memory institutions and administrative bodies can also obtain this seal. This demonstrates that they are contributing to the long-term, high-quality preservation of Austria’s digital memory.

The quality seal is currently being developed and will be available in 2022.

The road to Digital Ark Austria

  • 2020 – Start of technical implementation
  • 2021 – Launch of the first functionalities
  • 2022 – First memory institutions use the platform
  • 2022 – Digital Ark quality seal
  • 2023 – Development of a long-term preservation service (OAIS)


If you would like to find out more about Digital Ark Austria or become an active partner, send us an email to get in touch with us.