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Family benefits and child allowances

I am a British citizen. Will I continue to receive family allowance for my children after Brexit?

After Brexit, you can claim family allowance if you and your children are permanently residing in Austria holding a residence permit under the Settlement and Residence Act (for example the ‘Rot-Weiß-Rot Karte Plus’).

For children who are permanently residing in the UK, no family allowance will be paid once the UK left the EU.

Am I still entitled to child care allowance after the Brexit?

In case of a Hard Brexit, the EU Social Security Coordination regulations are no longer applicable in relation to the UK. That means that as of the withdrawal date, UK citizens won’t be entitled to the Austrian child care allowance for their children living in the UK, even if they are employed in Austria. Furthermore, for receiving the income-related child care allowance future periods of employment in the UK will not be taken into account anymore.

Due to the loss of the right of residence under European Union law as of the withdrawal date, UK citizens will no longer be entitled to child care allowance for their children living in Austria. In this case, in order to retain their right to child care allowance, the parents concerned should immediately contact the competent residence authority and apply for a residence permit for themselves and for the child (see further details under the item Residency and access to the labour market) and provide evidence to the health insurance institution.