I hold a UK driving licence. What do I have to consider when driving a vehicle in Austria?

Holders of British driving licences who reside and would like to drive in Austria, must have their British driving licence exchanged for an Austrian driving licence by 30 June 2021. It is not necessary to retake the driving test.

After 30 June 2021, it will no longer be permitted for UK nationals residing in Austria to drive with a British driving licence. However, a British driving licence can (as long as it is valid) still be transferred later than 30 June 2021 without having to take a practical test.

Holders of British driving licences who are only temporarily staying in Austria (e.g. tourism) do not need an international driving licence to drive a motor vehicle in Austria as long as the British driving licence complies with the provisions of EU driving licence directives. In the case of older British driving licences (e.g. driving licences without a photo), which neither comply with the provisions of the EU Directives nor with the provisions of the Vienna Convention or the Geneva Convention, an international driving licence must be carried in order to drive a motor vehicle in Austria.

I want to drive my vehicle, registered under UK law, in Austria. Which provisions will apply?

Registration: The registration plate must be valid under British law and must comply with the UK regulations provided for this purpose (in particular with regard to documents to be carried). In the case of permanent residence of the owner of the vehicle, vehicles with foreign registration plates must be registered within one month of their first entry into Austria.

Country registration: Motor vehicles with foreign registration plates must display the national vehicle registration plate and the international licence plate country code (Distinguishing sign of the State of registration) at the rear.

Insurance: When driving a motor vehicle registered in the United Kingdom, the Green Card must be carried as proof of insurance coverage.