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Arts and Culture

Information website of the Arts and Culture division in the Federal Chancellery

The Arts and Culture website provides information about the activities of the Arts and Culture division in the Federal Chancellery and news from Federal Minister Gernot Blümel as the minister responsible for arts and culture issues.

Awards and competitions

Grants and prizes give artists in a variety of disciplines (literature, photography etc.) the opportunity to showcase the results of their creativity on a public "stage". The application requirements and relevant forms provide useful information to start the process.


One of the objectives of the Federal Government's funding system is to improve transparency and effectiveness. In the cultural sector, funding recipients have recently included museums, libraries and folk culture. In art, funding focuses on architecture/design, fashion, photography, visual arts, and video and media art.


Achievements in a variety of disciplines are recognized by the awarding of prizes. This section provides information about the specific awards, the amount of prize money and previous prize-winners. Awards include the Austrian Children's and Young Adult's Book Prize, the Austrian State Prize for European Literature, the outstanding artist awards and the Austrian Museum Award.

Art and culture in Europe and worldwide

Transnational activities prove that art and culture know no borders. Bilateral cultural cooperation and film funding in Europe are just a few examples of the way in which the international arts and culture scenes are interconnected.


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